Tim De Graaw is a roots-rock, pop-rock and contemporary blues singer songwriter from London (UK). After spending time in Nashville and LA as a songwriter and session guitarist, he moved back to the UK, playing Europe’s clubs and bars, bringing with him a unique brand of songwriting and vintage Rock 'n Roll.


Described and compared to the sounds of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Bryan Adams, The Rolling Stones and Clapton, with a hint of nineties rock. GRAAW’s driving anthems and blues riffs deliver powerful performances time and time again. Having cut his teeth over the past ten years in bands and as a solo act, playing international stages. GRAAW’s lyrics are an honest and candid account of his life and experiences as a full-time musician in a digital age constantly in flux.


GRAAW is currently promoting his latest release ‘On My Way’, and his upcoming singles ‘Self Sabotage’ and ‘Amber Light’.


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